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Moby Dick Triathlons     SOLD OUT
Sat 28th Sept 2019 - Youghal
              Kidathlon, Try-A-Try  &  Sprint Races
Sea Swims return
As water temperatures rise our summer schedule kicks-in and we're into the sea from May Bank Holiday weekend
It's TT Time
As well as the new training schedule, summer brings our Club TT's - bike is back in May, then comes Run and Swim this year for the first time
Let's go TT
Events League - get recognised for doing more events, simply race and gather points - prizes at the AGM

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SOUTH COAST Triathlon Club welcomes the proposed new MINIMUM SAFE PASSING DISTANCE law.
On roads with speed limits below 50kph drivers MUST give a clearance of 1m, on roads with higher limits it's 1.5m
Because WE also have families to get home to!
Member Benefits
Training Diary
Training Diary
Know the RULES
Capel Swim
As well as your Triathlon Ireland registration, club members get...
- Training Sessions
- Open Water Swims at Claycastle
- Closed Facebook & What's App groups
- Swim, Bike and Run Time Trials
- Events League
- Seminars
- Discounts at various local businesses
- Club Kit from the webshop
- Club casual wear and tracksuits
...and that's just the start...
Fancy a Go?
If you'd like to get involved a warm & friendly welcome awaits you.
Just tag along with a member or let us know you're coming here.
You can try a free swim, bike and run on us before committing....
You'll never look back!
Capel Island to Claycastle
- It's 5K
Some Summer's Sunday
It's not about 'CAN YOU?' 
                              The question is 'WILL YOU?'
Now shut this computer down and go training!
Welcome to you newest adventure...
Vincent Lucey